How to Set up and Improve Google Business Profile

How to Setup Google Business Profile

Although a Google Business Profile may improve an online store’s search engine rankings, many merchants still don’t have one. The Google My Business tool is not limited to brick-and-mortar stores. It is for any company that might profit from increased exposure and website traffic.

This article will teach you how to Set up and improve Google Business Profile. It will guide you through installation with screenshots and clear explanations. We also provide a few simple suggestions on how you might use your Google Business Profile to entice more shoppers and boost your sales.

What exactly is Google Business Profile? 

When you create a Google Business Profile, you may list your company for free. It lets you include your business’s location, services, and items with images. Businesses with clients may use Google Business Profile. It covers enterprises having a physical presence and those who meet customers elsewhere.

Creating a free profile on Google might boost your exposure. Depending on the settings of your Google Business Profile, information about your company may be shown in Google services like Search, Maps, and Shopping.

Who Needs a Google Business Profile?

If you are a local company, you must have a Google Business Profile listing. Google Business Profile is the most important thing you can do for your local company, and you don’t even need a website initially (although it helps). 

A Google Business Profile listing will help your company rank for extra long-tail keyword searches if you are not a local firm. And with the new modifications, Google has made to company profiles, making a Google Business Profile is now simpler than ever, regardless of your technological expertise.


Ways to Set Up the Google Business Profile

Check quickly to determine whether your company qualifies for a Google Business Profile before beginning the application process. Here are the ways to set up the Google Business Profile;

  • Make a Google Account

Create your own Google account before creating a Business Profile listing. Everyone may sign up for a free Google account. If you’re currently using Google Workspace, set up your profile using your business account.

  • Claim Your Google Business Profile

Using your new Google Account, you may set up a Business Profile on Google Search and Maps or update an existing one. If your company has been there for a long time, Google may already know about that now based on the web information and have produced a list for that too, in which case you should claim the current one.

You may claim your company’s name by searching for it and clicking on it if it appears in the results. It prevents you from creating a duplicate listing on Google Maps. 

  • Verify Your Business

The first step after creating or claiming a profile is verification. Google’s verification process is an extra layer of protection designed to prove to them that you are the business’s owner or an authorized representative. To modify your company’s profile, you must validate your business through phone, SMS, postcard, or video.

  • Manage your Google Business profile after completion

After your Business Profile has been validated, it is time to complete your profile! A thorough profile extends your reach and enables clients unfamiliar with you to locate information about you. 

You may manage your profile by searching for “my business” in Google Search or Maps, visiting the Business Profile website, or using the Business Profile Manager. Additionally, the Google My Business smartphone app is available.

Steps to optimize Google Business profile

Google uses three elements to rank local search

  1. Distance measures the distance of search from the location of the site. 
  2. Relevance shows the correspondence of anybody searching for with respect to your local Business Profile 
  3. Prominence shows the company’s popularity.

Here are ways to boost all these factors.

  • Finished the Google Business profile details

Complete Google Business Profiles make customers 2.7 times more inclined to trust your business. 

Google states, “complete, correct companies are simpler to match with searchers. “It boosts relevancy. The goal is to inform Google’s visitors of “what’s your business, and how do they locate you.”

Site location on Google Business Profile

  • Verify your site location

Verified business sites are “more likely to display in regional Google products” A validated location boosts your distance rating.

If you neglected to validate your location during account setup, request a postcard at

  • Include authentic photographs and videos of your company 

The logo and cover photo are the two main components of your Google My Business page. Use consistent photographs on social media to build brand awareness.

Add photos and videos to advertise your business, employees, and location. Make sure they’re professional and have high resolution.

  • Include the right keywords in your profile

Choosing appropriate keywords will help increase relevance. 

Hootsuite Insights, Google Analytics, and social monitoring tools may also assist you in identifying search phrases consumers use to find your company. Add them to your company description naturally. Keyword stuffing and unrelated terms might affect your search ranking.

  • Encourage and respond to reviews and inquiries

A positive review might be the decisive element that tips the scales in your favor with potential consumers. Additionally, reviews help your Google ranking. The greatest moment to solicit feedback is after delivering an exceptional experience. 

  • Keep updated information on your business

Please update your Google Business profiles if you have any changes to your business’s hours, contact information, etc. When customers arrive during business hours, they dislike being turned away. Add holiday or one-time hours to your Google Business Profile. You may publish updates, product announcements, promotions, and events on Google My Business. 

  • Add your products to the website

If you sell physical goods, please update your Google Business Profile to reflect the current stock level. Your products may be listed in Google Shopping and on your profile. Manually add goods from the dashboard.


Google business profile makes it easy for small businesses to grow their businesses on google. You can set up and optimize your google business profile by taking action on the above steps. I hope these steps help you reach your goal, as these are the basic and most needed tips to optimize your profile on google.

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