Why Would I Need a Private SSL or Dedicated IP?

Many web hosts will assume that in our technical age everyone understands terms like Dedicated IP Address, Private SSL Certificate, and Domain Privacy. I can assure you that before I started working for a web host I had no idea what these services actually were and why on earth they would be useful. However, with a little research, it became pretty clear the advantages of adding these features to your hosting package.
A Private SSL — Secure Sockets Layer — Certificate is recommended for all sites that accept credit card payments or take customers’ personal information, as it provides your site with the extra security required to protect such details. A Private SSL keeps all the information sent from your site to your host’s server confidential by encrypting it and activating the secure lock in your web browser.
If you think your site requires a Private SSL Certificate then you will also need a Dedicated IP. This will mean that your site is the only one on the internet using that unique IP number. A Dedicated IP is a necessity for most large websites or ecommerce enabled sites.


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